The Sumby Doonan Group

We are a chemistry research group based at the University of Adelaide in Australia, investigating the design, synthesis and applications of porous materials. 

Our research on porous materials focusses on the synthesis of novel classes of porous materials, including molecular porous materials, and new examples of more established materials, such as metal-organic frameworks (MOFs).  We are interested in applications of these materials in a number of areas including storage and release, molecular separations and catalysis, among others.  To find out more about our research see the following link.

We collaborate nationally and internationally with world renowned research groups, including researchers at CSIRO Materials Science and Technologies, Kyoto University (ICeMS), Nottingham University and Graz University of Technology.

The group has outstanding facilities for synthesis, structural characterisation (The Bragg Crystallography Facility), gas adsorption and catalysis - see research facilities page.

To find out more see the contact page.